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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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sheets of rain that poured down at altamonte springs. we will have this again on sunday morning. we have a lot to talk about. and we would invite you to share your pictures and video. you can always - - always ship - - shut - - send us your pictures. and we will update you with another round of storms. >> we are wallowing tricking news where a body has been found in a st. john's river. we were there as they retrieved the body one hour ago. all we know that - - is that the man spotted him and contacted deputies. people update you as soon as we learn more. police need your help looking for a man who beat up
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- - woman and robbed her. he battered her account robbed her in a bathroom and stole her belongings. tonight, a man is behind bars, accused of sexually assaulting a woman at the mall. and police say that there could be more victims. michael just spoke with the investigators. >> the suspect touched and inappropriately kissed the victim and would not let her leave. it all happened in the back of a storm in leesburg. detectives say the victim was the only customer inside of the art store at the time. and the suspect was trying to negotiate the sale of a lamp and led the victim to the back of the store and forced himself
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she was not injured. the suspect let her go and she eventually left the store. the victim was reluctant to come forward and was worried about other potential victims. officers talked with mall security and they have not determined if that incident was criminal. the suspect was here on a work visa. the suspect remains behind bars. and we are still going through the arrest affidavit. regina hill has solved her bankruptcy. she initially filed in august but the court denied it up time. and she has a meeting with creditors next month. the home was raided last summer after the sheriffs office files
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being sold out of it. >> we have our eyes on your money after the tao plunged again another three to - - 390 points. this is now the worst two week start to a year ever. and marcy gonzales shows us what the experts say is behind the stock selloff. >> a dismal day on wall street, stocks are starting to nosedive after the opening bell and never bouncing back and the selloff is a continuation of the jitters that started last week. >> this is a weird start to 2015. >> reporter: with major issues in the market. >> we are likely to see a crash in china. and we are turning worry into panic for some.
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volatility, declining oil prices. >> gas prices are going to go down. but prices will be affected by falling oil prices. >> reporter: some worry that the years shaking start could be pointing to a slowing economy. others are optimistic. >> the housing market is recovering and there is good reason to think when they realized themselves with the economy, we could see a snapback in the stop fossil stock markets. >> most experts say do not touch your four o one k, because long-term investors are better off being patient and waiting for stocks to recover if you have enough time before retirement. we will have more on the markets tonight and world news
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police just caught a pair of armed robbers who could be connected to similar crimes and the 17-year-old rested was charged with a hate crime for attacking a gay man. we caught up with the victim whose car was used in the crime spree. >> reporter: it has been a busy couple of months for these two, dennis and christopher. they were both arrested in a handful of armed robberies in the city. one woman had her car stolen out of her driveway. we are not using her name or showing her face because they - - she is still worried they might come back. >> i am still scared to walk my dog outside now. >> reporter: some people had wallets stolen and other people had their victims store - - had other thing stolen. and the white suv stolen from that woman was used
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>> now that my car has been involved in multiple robberies, i am afraid to ever drive it again. >> reporter: and the worst, a sickening cell phone video showing a dozen people act files attacking a man outside of his home. and police believe it was a hate crime. the attackers were yelling slurs about his sexual orientation when they attacked him. and it seems he has continued with his spree. >> they are now in the juvenile attention spent for center. charges are pending for those cases as well. florida power and light customers may be forced to pay more for electricity. the average customer would seem
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$14 in charges by 2020. a 13-year-old boy is accused of stealing a bus and taking it on a joyride through the neighborhood. and police say he was able to steal it in just two minutes. >> and trash in this neighborhood was not picked up for weeks. the explanation given to us the mess. and homeowners catch a pair of burglars who admitted to trying to break into 300 cars. wind is moving over 60 miles per hour. randy brought us damage in a few spots today. i will also show you tornadoes
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police say a group of burglars tried to break into over 300 cars and they managed to take off with cash, electronics, even a gun. and most of those cars had one thing in common. >> reporter: thomas jordan appeared before a judge in orange county today. he admitted to several car burglaries and told police he car hopped. police also arrested a juvenile and an adult with a are not identifying. one of the victims did not want to show her face because she goes to the same school. she said she left her door
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and she knows her neighbors. >> a backpack was stolen, things were thrown everywhere. and the same backpack had his school up top in it. >> reporter: they admitted to trying 300 vehicles but they said they only stole from the ones that were left unlocked. police said 88% of the break-ins involved unlocked vehicles. they targeted several subdivisions including plymouth landing and spring ridge. they stole paintball guns, and ipod and a handgun. they were caught on security cameras at the home. one of them even urinated on a victim's car. an officer later identified jordan by the video. >> the parents took the stolen items to a pawn shop and they
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tools that have the victims name , and social security number on them. questions remain about what is next for a man charged with capital murder. >> jury selection was supposed to start on tuesday. it was postponed. and that ruling is now changing the defensive strategy. >> it's hard to tell how long the trial will be delayed. they wanted the trial to move forward. and our legal analyst says they can still look for a speedy trial. jeffrey does not want his client facing the death penalty.
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trial along. >> dean may try to maneuver the case. >> they ruled that the death was unconstitutional. they hope to delay the trial with hopes that the supreme court will provide clarity on the wall. >> i am slowly and carefully not getting it. >> schaefer says they may push the court for speedy trial or make a deal with the state attorneys office. they asked
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60 days. and he says it may be as long as he needs to get that guidance. >> the owner of a pain clinic has been arrested for a second time. charges were filed again against vincent goodman last month. our cameras were there in 2014 when his clinic was rated part - - when his clinic was part of the raid. and he admitted to trading pills for cocaine. a 31-year-old man is seen here in this surveillance video dressed in black.
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after being shot. he was arrested eight days after committing the robbery. a new set of toll roads could come to fruition. it would stretch 40 miles to interstate 4. the project has been under consideration since 2008 and it could cost $1.5 billion. commissioners will vote on the product - - project at the end of the month. we are waiting to see if drivers deserve red light ticket refunds. we told you on monday when an opponent came for it - - forward to us in the red light was too short. light met state timing standards and we have not heard back. walmart is closing hundreds of stores. a lot of you have been reading and reacting to the story since we posted it on facebook this morning. they are shutting down express
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and to improve supercenters and neighborhood markets. 95% of the store shutting down or within 10 miles of another store. we told you earlier this week when a tornado damaged hundreds of homes and left residents without power. today's storm brought heavy rain, flooding, and high wind, causing even more flooding damage to the area. >> everything was moving at 60 miles per hour. and when they go off on sunday, the next line will be earlier. you may not hear it go off on your phone but you will certainly hear the on your radio. we have rain in the early morning commute. here came the big surge of
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and just like that, it moved out and we had windy gust reports along the coast. and a lot of these places, cocoa, sanford, daytona, they are all scattered around the area and they were nearly identical. and that is a sign of how consistently damaging these winds were just below the severe limits although we did get a thunderstorm warning for the interior and the east. and this storm picked on by and we will have a little time to reload and another storm will be here on sunday morning. we are 73 downtown and the west breeze cleared out nicely. claremont is around the citrus tower and tower and temperatures are in the low 60s and upper 50s and we have some low clouds that will be developing.
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in heathrow and toward sound - - sanford. low clouds mixing late in the day. 70s across the board got lower to middle 70s, about 78 for orlando. nino and jetstream, they are lined up and stormed to is already moving to west texas. that will be here by sunday morning. the jetstream is pushing these things along. saturday night until 3:00 on sunday, showers are forming and we could be watching vocals. by sunday morning, the isolated tornado threat could not be ruled out. by the afternoon, early showers, and whatever you are doing, it looks like we will be good. sunday morning will give us some issues and early saturday, low clouds are moving on through and that includes an isolated sprinkle. early sunday morning, showers
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will move through, it will have wind and isolated tornadoes. south florida may hit the third time of their potential tornadoes. sunday morning i the lunch hour, left our fuzz leftover storms, the highest threat for severe weather south of sanford. the timing is about the same. and it hit around 10:00 on sunday. sooner in the day, make sure you have your weather ready array ready to go. the others went off on our phones. it was all lined up for the same alerts earlier today. and with the forecast and the - - in view, rain and storms early on sunday, and the coldest air of the season back in the 30s. another freeze is possible in parts of the area next week.
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trying to break into his home and we are asking deputies about the connection they had before the confrontation. and doctors are fighting to save a delivery drivers leg. >> he won't be able to do what he used to do. >> we just learn more about the man kept disabled the trigger. >> last pickup was december 29th. >> frustrated residents called
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in orange county family told us they have been waiting since last year - - in orange county, a family told us they have been winning since last year to get there trash picked up. and janine joins us along brown road where trash cruise just clear that mess about two hours ago. janine? >> reporter: the last pickup was december 29th. in these smaller bins, she had been collecting trash since last year. this is the site she wondered if she would ever see after her
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of 2015. truck she was stacking it up in smaller trash bins because she never got the ones the county passed down. >> i can understand it being back ordered, it still can't come pick up our trash. >> reporter: and she worries when they come by, they won't pick up the extra bags that will not fit in the bins. >> i have run out of cans, and i don't know what to do. >> reporter: some have refused the new bins and they are working to pass those out now. teresa said she never refused them and actually called to request them twice. and this pickup was her main concern, it was two weeks behind and because of overflowing trash, even as they left, she was left picking up trash from their property. she is glad that the mess and the stench are gone and she is glad she will not have to worry
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>> we have beers and a bobcat. we are out in the country here. >> reporter: and a neighbor a neighbor down the street said he got so frustrated that he just hauled off the trash himself. the county is continuing to catch up on backlogs picking up trash and delivering the bins. >> you can take a closer look at the mess in that neighborhood by going to the slideshow section of our website. >> orange county is still contacting residents who complained about trash sitting on the curb for days. they started on january 1st, but on the fifth, we told you some folks garbage did not get all the way and they ran a
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saturday to get caught up. deputies say a man was justified in killing a burglar who a burglar who burst into his home, and new, we found how the men knew each other before this morning deadly showdown. orange county - - orange county just shut down a light show and other people in the area may have to make the same find your sweet spot today with dunkin's
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